Will Pens Bring Out Best in Isles?


The Pens return to the Coli for the first time since that wonderful playoff series in May.  The games were high in intensity, spirit, passion, and just about every other adjective that you can come up with to describe a playoff series.  This was one for the ages, and many were looking at their calendars to this game a few months ago, and were wondering if we would see the same type of game.

Well – they are not saying that now.

With the Isles picking up just 5 out of their last 30 possible points, there is not a lot to look forward to tonight.  The Pens, top in the Metro, are not necessairily beating down teams.  But their firepower can easily work up to smolder in a just a few minutes.

We all know what this team can bring to the table.  The big question?

What will the struggling Islanders bring?

It just looks like it could be a recipe for disaster.  However, there is one brighter light coming to the surface.


Players and fans in Islander country took part in the MOVEMBER moustache promotion.  Maybe next year, we should rename it to Month 11; becuase that word NOVEMBER is bad luck.  If you count February, it seems to be the second month of a season that brings this Islander team to the equivalent of Clark Kent and Kryptonite.

The hole is deep, the road is tough, but as Islander fans, we are used to it.  And we have the battle scars to prove it.

All I can say – is that it is a new month, a chance to turn a corner, forget about the past month, and try to get back and right the ship.  The Pens will be ready; hopefully, the Isles will be ready.  The question is:


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