Something’s Gotta Give


Something's Gotta GiveAnd no – we are not talking about the movie with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.  Although the main character keeps suffering from supposed heart attacks and ends up in the hospital.

Right now – both of these teams look like they can use a stay there…

The Rangers are not doing any much better as the Isles have lately.  The Rangers are currently 10th in the conference, and have not done well, since their star goaltender got a paltry $59.5 Million for the next eight years.

Scoring has not come easy, and their defense is not as stalwart as they have been in the past.  Marc Staal is hurt, so is Ryan CallahanDan Girardi is not the brusing guy that has plagued the Islanders in past seasons.  RIck Nash and Brad Richards are just there, and not lighting up the scoresheet like their salaries say they should. If the Islander team was playing a half of themselves, I would be a great deal more optimistic that I would.

Despite the fact that the Isles did have two decent games (well – almost decent), we can say that this might be a tight match.  All of the tangibles are out there.  Myself, along with all of the other writers and bloggers can spit out all of the positive or negative juice that they want; right now – it is up to the 20 guys in the locker room to just simply get it done.

The second line has played better of late.  Grabby and Nielsen finally got points.  They need to give some relief to JT and Okie.

Getting back Casey Cizikas is good for the team right now.  Matt Carkner plays in place of Aaron Ness, who has been struggling of late.  With the transaction freeze being on – he is here through Christmas.  Hopefully Carkner can get some zip on those slow skates and show some grit and muscle for the “D” tonight.

Nabby back in net for his 3rd consecutive.  Will he play tomorrow against the Ducks, or does KP get a chance?

Just try and send some good vibes to this team.  The last time they won in 60 was against the Bruins in early November.  We can use a bunch of these now.  Why not tonight be the one to spurn them on?

Fingers crossed.  Something’s Gotta Give.  Maybe tonight is the night!

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