Not Much to Say, But….

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders
And THIS was not a penalty? Give me a break. Photo by Bruce Bennett.

Just a few facts.

  1. Despite the loss, this is NOT a game that people should BLAME Capuano for.
  2. It all comes down to respect.  Good teams get to have a little more latitude on calls in late games.  People could have been arrested for assualt, but when Vanek was pulled down on the power play, the Pens got NOTHING.  It is pure simple robbery.  The ref was standing RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF VANEK.
  3. Crosby gets Carte Blanche.  BOTTOM LINE.  John Tavares, can’t even get close to the same category, despite being one of the best in the game.

Well – off to a 5 game road trip of St. Louis and the West Coast.  Not one easy game, and this team is on a 9 game road losing streak.  Oh boy!  What fun!

6 points out of 32, is not going to make waves.  Right now – I just get some time off to decorate my house for the holidays!

Cheers to my friends Paul and Katie who came from Sheffield, England to attend the game last night.  With the score 2-0, I threatened them to revoke their passports and be stuck here if we won the game.  Well – they are leaving on Saturday to go back to England, so they can get on the plane now…

Kyle has a nice game and scored for the first time in 8.  Got two and rang the post going for the third.  JT had two assists.  The second line once again was invisible, with the exception of the penalty shot for Frans.  Surprised he did not go for his patented move.

SO what did you think of the game?  How about letting us know in the Comments section???

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