Power Rankings: Week 9

Montreal is hot!!
Montreal is hot!!

Look out Minnesota, Phoenix, Pittsburgh & Toronto because Montreal has finally arrived this season. The Canadiens have moved up quite a bit and are looking to crack the top 10 really soon. Meanwhile, Colorado looks to retake the number 1 slot that St. Louis took away from them last week and look who’s in the Top 6?! So without further delay, here are your rankings for this week.1. St. Louis 17-3-3 Last Week: 1

2. Colorado 17-5-0 Last Week: 5

3. San Jose 15-3-5 Last Week: 4

4. Chicago 17-4-2 Last Week: 2

5. Anaheim 17-6-3 Last Week: 6

6. Boston 16-6-2 last Week: 10

7. Los Angeles 16-6-3 Last Week: 9

8. Minnesota 15-6-4 Last Week: 7

9. Phoenix 14-6-4 Last Week: 3

10. Tampa Bay 15-8-1 Last Week: 8

With the loss of Steven Stamkos, I believe Tampa will drop out of the top 10 for now. They’ll climb back once he’s healthy. Will there finally be an Eastern team in the top 5 by next week? I hope so, because seeing nothing teams from the West is a bit depressing. The Coyotes appear to be a little shaky this month. Could they drop out of the top 10?

11. Pittsburgh 15-9-1 Last Week: 12

12. Toronto 14-9-1 Last Week: 11

13. Montreal 13-9-2 Last Week: 17

14. Detroit 11-7-7 Last Week: 15

15. Vancouver 12-9-5 Last Week: 16

16. Dallas 11-9-2 Last Week: 13

17. Washington 12-10-2 Last Week: 14

18. Nashville 12-10-2 Last Week: 20

19. NY Rangers 12-12-0 Last Week: 18

20. Winnipeg 11-11-4 Last Week: 19

Hello Montreal!! Moving up 4 slots is big, even during this time of the season. It looks like Montreal from last year which won their division last year. That’s not good for teams like Ottawa. With Detroit actually winning a few games, there looks to be some separation now in the top 15 from the bottom dwellers. I give it another two weeks before we see a widening gap.

21. New Jersey 9-10-5 Last Week: 23

22. Carolina 9-10-5 Last Week: 22

23. Philadelphia 10-11-2 Last Week: 26

24. Ottawa 9-11-4 Last Week: 21

25. Columbus 9-12-3 Last Week: 25

27. NY Islanders 8-13-3 Last Week: 24

Some of these teams just need a 2-3 game win streak and they’re in the top 20. Ottawa and the Islanders need to win now. The only reason why the Islanders are still ranked is because the Metropolitan Division this year is poor at best. With Detroit pulling ahead, Ottawa needs help in a big way, injuries to another team in the Atlantic Division, and a huge unbeaten streak can go a long way to save their season.


1st Overall Selection: Buffalo

2nd: Edmonton

3rd: Florida

5th: Calgary

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