Isles FLAT once again


They may have out-shot the Leafs, but getting good opportunities and quality chances were not as prevalent as they have been in games last season on the road.

The players, as Butch said after the game, say it is consistency that they are lacking.  It is making the dumb mistakes, and allowing 2 on 0’s that will never give you a winning attitude.

Casey Cizikas is one of the few guys that have taken the bull by the horns and has shown some extremely strong play of late, scoring in three straight games.

A comment on facebook, and I am paraphrasing, basically said why Colin McDonald, with two points on the season and the lowest plus minus on the squad, on the second line.

Cappy is trying to make a lot of positives out of the game, as any typical coach would do.  He said that we had some guys that made some poor line changes.  They capitalized on their chances, and the Isles did not.  He did not had a good look on his face on the changes.

That is the sign of a hockey team in disarray.  Two days to work on that, before heading to Pittsburgh for Friday night.

I am sure that Islander nation will be screaming to high heaven tonight and tomorrow.

I think I will stay off the net tomorrow.

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