Interview with Garth – and Other Things Islanders

Time to be the MAN!
Time to be the MAN!

Well, the announcement happens at 10:45 today at Bethpage State Park.

There is a new sherrif (captain) in town. And the name is Tavares.  What a big secret!!!

Although Mr. Snow would not say it – reports came out on Saturday that #91 will now have a “C” on the chest, as opposed to the “A”.  If someone did now that this was going to happen, well, uh, you got fog on your glasses.

It is so apparent that over the past four years, JT has not only gotten rid of the shyness, but is an eloquent, speaker, that commands a room.  Nothing that you would not expect from your potential captain.

Camp is progressing as expected.  The camp was split up for a scrimmage.  Kenny Reiter, and Parker Milner, the former BC Eagle, pitched a shutout.  Matt Donovan and Mike Keenan (no relation to the former Ranger coach) scored in the game.

There is a 9AM practice at the Coli before the team heads to Bethpage for the Golf Outing to support the Islanders Childrens Foundation.

As far as SPORTSTALK 1240 is concerned, it was a great show last night.  Garth was his typical cool and calm self.  Not tipping his hand on certain things, and seemed quite pleased with how his team is set up and ready for the 2013-14 Season.  We got some great questions (thanks to all that sent in).  Unfortunately, I was not able to use all of them, but I hope to in a later segment as the season progresses.

We also had Mike Pfaff from the Long Island Ducks join us.  The Ducks are battling for a playoff spot in the Atlantic League, and are 2 games up with seven left to play.  It should be a great week for the flock!

Wednesday – full camp begins and on Thursday, the Isles will head onto the Long Island Rail Road, and head over to the Barclay’s Center for their first full practice.  After the weekend, pre-season events start, as the Isles head out to the Canadian plains for games against Flames in two different cities (Calgary, and Regina, Saskatchewan).

We will be talking about the other team in the METRO division this week.  Make sure that you check them out.

Also- check out my old Blog site, Eyes On Isles.  These guys have done a great job, have some great writers, and will also be a part of the Islanders Blog Box this season.  Make sure you keep their site in your favorites list.

The podcast for last night’s show will be posted on the front page of Isles Talk as soon as its available (probably Monday afternoon).

Have a great day in Islander Country.

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