Big First Leads Isles to Victory

Even Wendy liked the result last night

Now that’s better.

This is the tag line at the end of the Wendy’s Commercials where the new “Wendy look-a-like”, always has some cute lines, and ends the advert with that phrase. (By the way – I think she is a cutie!)

I guess Josh Bailey was trying to solidify himself as a penalty killing threat.  He got two in the first period, as the Isles held on to that 5-3 victory over the Devils last night in Newark.

Four goals to start the game on the NHL14 cover boy, Martin BrodeurAnders Lee got it going, then two by Bailey while the Isles were down a man.  Then Eric Boulton, of all people, scoring on his old team. By then, the Isles had a 4-1 lead.  They did to the Devils what the Flames did to the Isles, but in the case of Long Island, the offensive juggernaut was the opening frame.

Then – the deflating second period came again to bite them in the tookus (with apologies to my jewish friends for the spelling).  In three games – the Islanders have given up 10 of their 13 goals in the second period.  Yes – I know detractors – this is PRE-SEASON.  However, this can be still a problem that can linger onto the regular season.  The lead went to 4-3 and the team started to fall back a little.  But in this game, there was an additional issue hanging to them.

The officiating.

I am not blaming, but the pendulum was swinging the other way, and the home Reds were on the power play a good portion of this game.  Hence the two markers by #12.

The Isles would seal the deal with Dane #2 (ala Peter Regin) would put in the fifth and final goal of the night for the visitors.

I am not over-analyzing this team, but there were some good signs.  Ryan Strome, who should now have some additional hope with the Clutterbuck injury, played well, and assisted on the opening Lee marker.  Did not see much of Brock Nelson, or for that fact, heard a lot of his name being mentioned by Greg Picker.

Griffin Reinhart and Ryan Pulock played OK, but I think would be much better served by getting another year in Juniors, playing like Studs, and do the job for the Canadian national team in the World Junior Tournament.  I am sure both of them want to get retribution for their team getting shut out last season.  Good hockey fans realize the weight of that statement, and especially Canadians.

Three fights by Bridgeport tough guy Brett Gallant were quite interesting.  Could he eventually become the next version of Eric Godard?

Tomorrow – it is off to the LIRR for the trip to the Barclays.  I had the pleasure of going to the first practice there on the 12th, and I am looking forward to seeing the building with a good crowd for a real game.  I am interested how the place will feel for a hockey game, despite the little flaws.  Overall, I am still thoroughly impressed with the place, and despite the fact that I will not be attending as a full season ticket holder in 2015, will be glad to say that this realtively new building will be our home.

Yes – I am still mad that the team is leaving, but nothing I can say or do is going to change that.  So I am now just dealing with it.  I guess I will be getting a much larger television in two years or so to make up for it.

If you are going, I am sitting in Section 117.  Hope to see you there.  Stop by and say HI!

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