Garth Snow on SportsTalk1240 Next Sunday

GarthInterviewNew York Islanders General Manager Garth Snow is coming to SportsTalk1240 on WGBB-1240AM next Sunday night at 9:00 PM, to talk Islanders Hockey and help John and I preview the 2013-2014 NHL hockey season.

And YOU can be a part of the show…

You just need a E-Mail system, or a Twitter Account to do it.

Just send me a note (my e-mail address is  Or you can tweet me a question.  My twitter handle is @islessection317. 

Keep it tasteful.  I will ask Garth questions that are not favorable, but I will not get NASTY or Disrespectful of him, or the team.  That is just not cool.  Whether I, or John, have different opinions – is not the point.  We want to get YOU the user, involved in the dialogue.

Garth was nice enough to give us some time, before camp begins.  And we want to THANK him, in advance for the opportunity.

To listen to the show, you can either:

  1. Listen to WGBB – 1240 AM – if you are in either Nassau or Suffolk Counties.  I know that it is hard to listen, if you are far away from the area, but you have option 2
  2. Go to, and listen live there.  The web site, also has a web cam, so you can see John and I live, as we are broadcasting from the WGBB Studios in West Babylon (the signal eminates from Freeport, though).
  3. Just note – we do NOT take calls, so do not try to call to the station

Hope you get to listen.

On a non-hockey segment of the show, we will also be talking to Mike Pfaff, the President and General Manager of the Long Island Ducks to talk about the 2013 Ducks season, as well as the baseball on Long Island.

Paul K did a nice job on the forwards preview, and Toby is concentrating on the defense.  That should be out today.  John will be covering the goaltenders, and I will take a stab on the Special Teams.

Camp starts in 12 days…..

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