Funny Stuff on “Eyes On Isles”

My first child… LOL!

I feel like a proud father… Well, sort of.

Eyes On Isles was the site I started a couple of years ago.  It launched John Panarese as a star when Capitals owner Ted Leonsis, linked his article to his hundreds of thousands of followers.

I was proud of that site.  Unfortunately, I had to leave it, because for me, I just could not write 30+ article a month.  I love my Islanders, I love to write, but the opportunities were not there.  Hence, I created Isles Talk, and have total control of my world, here.  My buddies, Toby, Paul and John came over with me, and we are a nice dysfunctional family.

Since we left, Rich, Andy, Mike and the new gang, have made Eyes On Isles a great site.  They have done a FANTASTIC job, and have some great pieces that they do.

This is the ‘shameless plug’ section of the article.  I am getting our readers to check this out.

The Clutterbuck Chronicles, Vol. 1: Long Island-Bound, and Loving It

The Clutterbuck Chronicles, Vol. 2: Offseason Activities

Michael Willhoft has created a pardoy piece about Cal Clutterbuck, and his assimilation into Islanders Country.  It is an absolute SCREAM.  I had uncontrollable laughter, loud enough to peeve some people in my office.  You HAVE to check it out!

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