Big Day for the Old Barn

*** 11:00 AM – Found out that the News conference is postponed until tomorrow, due to the Nassau Cop shooting last night.  Totally understandable to delay this type of announcement for 24 hours.  Now – we WAIT some more… (Not like Islander fans have been WAITING for news anytime over the past 2-3 decades) ***


Today is the day…

Will MSG get their grubby hands on the old building, or will Ratner, the man that took our Islanders away from us, get the right to make a new woman out of the old lady.

Ed Mangano has an 1130 presser in Mineola to tell all the winner.

With No Disrespect to my Broadway Blue friends, I do NOT want to see MSG take over the arena.  What a disgrace and utter misdeed that would be.

I talk about that, in an article that appears on  Here is the link to it:

Also – just a reminder, we are four days away from John and I beginning our radio careers at WGBB – when we do SportsTalk1240.  Our show is on at 9PM.  You can catch it on WGBB 1240AM, or on the Internet at  Jiggs McDonald and Hockey Insider’s Brad Kurtzberg will be our guests.  We hope you can tune in and check us out.

We will talk about the Islanders summer and how they did against the rest of the NHL.  If you can not check us out live, you can get the podcast.  Also – the show has a web cam, so you can see our faces for the radio on the internet.  Gee, that would be a blast…

See you on the air waves!


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