Thoughts from the Draft and what’s next

Paul Kreischer – super GENIUS!!!!! Get a job as a scout!!!

Well – Paul Kreischer is our man.  He picked the pick before the Isles did. 

Now – if he can only pick Lotto numbers, that would be a different story….

Well – Pulock seems to be a good pick, with some nice potential down the road.  The Isles, in my opinion got the best player available at their position.  Hopefully for the next number of years to come, they will be at this or a lower position in the first round 😉

As for Ricky, well – the writing is on the wall.  The articles stated that he will be bought out.  As of 11AM today, it is not official; but hey – DP, thanks for the job.  Whether he was the man or not, he now becomes a part of the history.  Close the door and move on.

Now – believe me, naysayers, Garth is working on the goalie situation.  Just because you are not hearing anything, don’t be Mr. Surmiser and say that nothing is happening.  I really believe that Nabby will most likely be back.  He liked it here and the guys liked him too.

The Mighty Ducks Movie “Bash Brothers”. This may be Matt Martin and Cal Clutterbuck next season.

If not, who?  Ray Emery could be a possibility.  He was a great story in Chicago of a reclimation project turned great.  One loss in the regular season, and had to sit for the playoffs.  He could be a possibility.  There are others for sure (let’s talk about them).

As for Nino.  I feel bad for him.  His agent voiced Nino’s displeasure about what was going on for him, and the player suffered.  Cal Clutterbuck comes over, and I love his attitude for the game, and will fit in here nicely.  With Matt Martin, the Islanders version of the “Bash Brothers” will be on display in a few months time.

Well – the interesting time is coming.  Friday is closer than you think.


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