The Right Stuff?

Yes, I am using a movie from 1983 to reference the Islanders.

BuellerAnyone remember that?  Anyone? (Sound like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! – Bueller?  Bueller?)

Well – to give you a history lesson, the movie “The Right Stuff” is one of the best movies ever made, in my humble opinion.  It talks about the great race to space in the late 50s and early 60s.  The goverment got the seven bravest and best pilots in the military to begin testing the rockets that were being built and seeing if they can go off to space before the Russians did.  These seven pilots came from the Navy, Air Force and Marines, and at first were not in sync.  They did not like each other. 

However, in time not only did they earn each other’s respect, but were a team, making sure that they were able to get the best out of each other, but of the new technology to give them the chance to win the race to space.

When the seven were debating with the engineers for their needs, you began to see the seven together as one cohesive bunch, all on the same page. They even got mild mannered Marine John Glenn (played brilliantly by Ed Harris) to even swear a little (F-ing A, bubba!).

That is why I am seeing from this Islander team.  The core players that have long term contracts have now been here approaching four years.  Instead of Garth Snow going out and getting veteran players (like most fans are clammoring for), he is sticking with his core.  He is keeping the guys together.  As they are more and more comfortable with each other, they are getting better at the same time.  When one slips, the other picks up the slack. 

There are times that I wish that the always unhappy fan would just see that this team is such a close bunch; a crew that has each other’s back and will do everthing for their teammates.  The chemistry is so strong.  When you look at our friends to the west (about 20 miles to be exact), you see them buying talent with big names, as well as big expectations.  But in so many instances, it does not lead to the results that everyone thinks they will get.  It is this ‘lack’ of chemistry that see that team struggle to make a difference.

Yes, I know that we don’t get those players, but I am subscribing to the theory that it takes a team to get the positive results.  Chicago has done it by getting the young guys to ‘grow’ together.  Yes, they added some pieces, and it has yielded them two cups.  I think we are at the point that they were around the 2008 mark, when they were just coming up to the surface.  The Isles can be that team.  With JT, Matty, Kyle, Josh, Grabby, and the other up-front men, playing the roles of Armstrong, Glenn, Cooper, Grissom, and the other guys with the “Right Stuff”, a great story can happen soon enough.

Come on the journey!

** – Note – the schedule is hopefully going to be released TODAY!  The NYI Booster Club is hopefully making some road trips this season.  Check out @NYIBooster on Twitter, or check the NYI Booster Club Facebook Page, and see where they hope to go.  Get involved and make these trips happen.


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