Isles May Look To Improve From Within

Natural progression
Natural progression

As Arthur Staple has pointed out on Newsday that the Islanders are pretty set in their decisions with the three big unrestricted free agents: Brad Boys, Evgeni  Nabokov and now former Islanders captain, Mark Streit as it has been stated that Boyes and Striet will not resign and that there’s a good chance Nabokov will resign before July 5th. So, with that knowledge, especially coming from Staple, we can do a couple of things.

First, we can put aside the Rick DiPietro rumor, at least him being traded for Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo. The Isles may still try to find a way to move DiPietro if they can or he will be buried in Bridgeport for many years to come, or he can retire. Second, if you look at the free agents out there, which I already have, you get three types of players: old, overpaid or both. So if the Islanders are looking to improve on the team, they can do it through a trade(s) during Draft day on June 30th or they can just bring up a few prospects from their AHL Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

It would be simple to do as well. Boyes is a top six winger, so is Nino Niederreitter from Bridgeport. Keith Aucoin, in my opinion a decent third liner for the short season, could be replaced by by another former first rounder Brock Nelson. I would like to add that Nelson was the only Bridgeport player to see time in this years playoffs, that says something. With the departure of Mark Streit on defense, why not replace him with Matt Donovan, one of the AHL’s leading scorers for defensman, also from Bridgeport. Finally, I would also like to put Kevin Poulin in this mix over DiPietro because at this point, Poulin will have the best defense he’s had in front of him since being drafted in this organization and the Islanders need to see what they have in him.

These players may have seen enough time in the AHL that the transition to the big club could be seamless and it’s definitely looking like a win win for all involved. The outgoing free agents may get their raises, the Islanders stay within their plan and budget and finally, the younger players get a chance to prove themselves to show they belong.  To start the season I don’t think the Islanders will fall off drastically from these new additions. They may actually improve the team.

There still may be a move or two to be made by the Islanders to help improve the organization, maybe even a splash, but if you’re looking for a big free agent frenzy, you probably won’t see it because there isn’t a need for one yet. The Islanders don’t need an Iginla or Jagr to start the season, they need the maturation process of this organization to continue to see what needs to be done to win the Cup. Signing old, overpaid or both kinds of free agents won’t win you the Cup in July.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Matt Donovan is next in line. He looks like the real deal. I would love to see Ryan Strome on the team also. Will he play center or wing, for me that is a really important question? Does Moulson stay on the second line , another big question? For me, if they can play 2 way a Bailey, Taveres, Strome line would be awesome! But then, Strome as the center for Moulson and Okposo would work for me.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I think Strome starts in Bridgeport to start the season, as I believe that was stated by Garth Snow at the Islanders Boosters Club meeting. I think the Isles will give him time to mature and continue to grow, but we may not see him down there too long. Everything else you mentioned will be answered at training camp. How many more days?!!!

  2. Strome at Bridgeport, I guess that works. Does that mean Nelson or Lee get a shot at 2 or 3 line centers. The Offense is really close to being good, it is not going to take much to put us up there with the elite. Is Cal good enough to skate with Taveres and Bailey or is Boyles coming back? If not who skates on l1 at rw. How about McDonald.

  3. Big question indeed! Other then Iginla or Ryder not much out there. I would bump up Mc Donald to L1 and play Casey at rw on L2. Very important we get 2way at that position. Love it! I live on Staten Island and it is strictly Ranger land. I don’t even know an Islander fan. The rookie game should be competitive.

  4. Nabs is back but Ryder and Iginla have signed elsewhere so can we a find a solid 1L RW on the roster. I love Casey but does has he enough talent. How about the Ryan trade ? Wow!

  5. Can Bouchard skate on L1? You are right on , training camp is going to be awesome! Just think about it Brian Strait, Tom Hickey and Visnofsky were not at the camp last year. One or two more solid defenseman will really improve the back line. I am hoping Matt Donovan is one of them!

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