Could Luongo Come Back To Long Island

I couldn’t find a Luongo pic.

So there I was just on twitter to see if anything was going on around the NHL, thinking that it would be a quiet day considering that there is no hockey to be played for another two days. Man was I wrong. Bob McKenzie, TSN analyst and in my opinion a very solid source for information, was tweeting about the Islanders. But around this time of year he usually talks about the draft. To everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t.

Bob had this to tweet:

It’s believed NYI would, under right circumstances, have interest in VAN G Roberto Luongo, tho 1st order of biz is to gauge cost on Nabokov.

Now, I normally don’t do rumors here on IslesTalk (Not even sure if it’s allowed ), but remember who the source is….Bob McKenzie! Then he added more fuel to the rumor fire by adding this tweet later on:

No question in my mind Luongo is a good “hockey” fit for NYI but whether Isles or Canucks could ever finesse a workable deal is the issue.

What deal is he referring to? Well when you have one bad contract, you have to give up another one right?

Nabokov is UFA. As for circumstances on Luongo, almost goes without saying it would mean VAN taking Rick DiPietro for compliance buyout.

So in the end, Luongo would be an Islander once more and DiPietro will be without an NHL for the time being.  How Ironic would that be? But let’s dissect this a bit more just for fun.

First off, this really does depend on whether or not Evgeni Nabokov will resign with the Islanders or not. If he does, this rumor is shot down. The longer this goes on, the longer the drama will build up leading up to the draft. Second, this is the bargaining power and brilliance of Garth Snow. This is the benefit of having a low salary cap team when money strapped teams have to make deals just to get under the cap. Also, it’s telling Nabokov that the Islanders have other options other than him, so be careful how much you ask for.

The Islanders have the money and the cap to make a move like this, but I believe both teams could help each other more than just switch goalies.  The Islanders can do this with a lot of teams as well, which is why I will be  anticipating this years draft, not because of the picks, but Isles fans could see more than just a Lubomir Visnovski for a second rounder move. With a new division, some teams struggling as of now and maybe the foreseeable future and with Islanders players and fans knowing that with a few pieces could challenge the Penguins, a move like Luongo is certainly a possibility, maybe more. For now enjoy this rumor, but start to think that come after the draft, the Islanders may look different and hopefully better.

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  1. I find this “rumor” to be both interesting and possible. Whether it actually happens, of course, involves a lot of factors, but the fact that it’s even being “discussed” by that source leads me to believe there is merit to it.

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