We are BACK!!!

It will be nice to see JT in his familiar Blue and Orange.
It will be nice to see JT in his familiar Blue and Orange.

Well – I would assume that we will.

As you all probably know – as of early this morning, the NHL and the NHLPA have tentatively agreed on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  For the next 10 years (maybe 8), the league will have some stability and give the fans the chance to root their favorite teams once again.

We should have a 48 game season or so, and should be starting on or around the 20th of the month.  And for me, this will stink…..

As you may or may not know – I just got a new job with a company in Farmingdale called ICON – and my job revolves around logistics with shipping blood and urine samples across the world.  I am being involved in a project in the next couple of weeks that will consolidate information from nearly 10 different couriers to a simply format that we can analyze and test on.  Well the company that is working with ICON are going to Dublin, Ireland, our company’s headquarters for a kickoff meeting, for which I am going to be a participant in.  When I found out – I was excited about the prospect of going overseas to this meeting, as well as get a chance to see my friends in England for the weekend.

But of course, the season will be starting on the weekend that I am in England. Ugh….

I did the same thing in 1995 when the lockout was on.  My wife and I planned a trip to see the Denver Grizzlies (the Isles old minor league club) play in Atlanta. It was a chance to see the Islanders in the making, including Tommy Salo, among others.  Of course, we made these plans, and the ‘strike’ got settled and we were enjoying Georgia as the Islanders were playing their opener.

But for all of you folks in Islander Country, we can talk about the team again.  We can see how JT moves up the scoring ladder.  We can see who of the goaltenders will step up and be a factor.  How will the new players get on with the rest of the team.

Isles Talk will be involved in these conversations as well.

Over the next few weeks, myself, and my great staff of writers will get to talk about the team that we love.  I hope that you continue to subscribe to this site, and please let your friends know about us too.


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