Bad Day on the CBA Front – and an Apology

Someone wants to smack the smile off your face…

First of all – let me make an apology.

A lot has happened, since I last wrote.  Mainly, I began my new job.  I am working for a great company called ICON.  They are a Lab company that perform clinical trials for drug companies testing their potential new drugs that are going to market.  It is a great place, close to home, and allows me to expand my horizons, and be able to do it, with a great balance of home life.  It was just what the doctor ordered, after being out of work for just over 10 months.

Anyway… Back to hockey.  As far as the Sound Tigers, the losses are mounting.  A combination of routs, and tough overtime and 1 goal games.  Nino Niederreiter is still on top of the scoring list with 10 goals and 10 asssits.  Brock Nelson is second in goals with 9. 

There have been some great stories for the Sound Tigers.  Especially the constant improvement of Nelson, and how Nino has taken the lead, and is showing the league and the rest of the NHL that he is not a fluke, and that he is only 20 years of age, and getting better by the minute.

Now – the CBA.  I have basically been not talking about this, because in all honesty, I get so enraged with every time I get into a conversation about the topic.  With the players meeting with owners, sans Bettman and Fehr, you were getting the opinion that there may be a corner to turn.  The issues may be so simple to the fan and the outsider, but in the room, it is an 800 pound elephant.

Then last night, as I was in the car to fill in at a bowling league, I heard Bettman on XM.  I never heard him be so brusque and almost combative.  Whatever reported progress that was made during the talks on the two days before, seem not only to be eliminated, but totally devoid of life.

Unless we get a Christmas miracle, it looks like two years in the last eight, that NHL arenas will be blank and empty.  Such a shame.  For every move that improved the vision of the league over the past seven years is gone.  This league, being the fourth in the four major leagues, did not need all of this negative press.  Whatever marginal fans that were hanging on the fence are likely going to basketball games, or finding something else to do. 

For me, with the AHL affiliate only a ferry trip away, it is not so bad.  However, 40 home games, turn into about 6-8.  It is extremely sad.  It is bad enough, that the Islanders are going to move in just over two years.  Now we miss an entire season of games, as a result to the inability for billionaires and millionaires to settle differences.  Who loses?

We do.


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