Seven with Staley (segment 1: Dee Karl)

New site means new opportunities. I’ve been trying to think of something new and fresh that I can add to our already stellar stream of posts’ and information we here at share. What I came up with is Seven with Staley. I’ll be doing very simple and very quick interview type sessions with many different people all geared exclusively towards Islander hockey. I’ll be speaking with other bloggers, up and coming players in the system, office staff and arena personnel. Seven questions to help us better understand the life of a fan, blogger or secretary as it relates to Islander hockey.
My first victim is a very well known blogger in the Islanders hockey community.

As of 11pm on the 29th of September she was the most gracious of hosts to 2,418 followers on twitter. Many know her; some fear her, hailing from Long Island New York, the one and only Dee Karl (aka 7thWoman).
Without further delay, ladies and germs, I present “Seven with Staley #1, Dee Karl”.

1.) Most memorable event you have written about?

Wow! Most memorable event I’ve written about? There have been so many in the five years I’ve been doing this. Perhaps I should say it was the press conference on August 13, 2008 announcing Scott Gordon as head coach. I think that was really the first time I was attending something like that as a member of the media. I had attended luncheons and those Town Hall Meetings, but this was the first REAL press conference. So I enjoyed covering that from my perspective. I wrote more about what was going on in the room than Scott Gordon being named coach. That one entry received some interesting feedback, especially from other media members. Jaded. We all get jaded really quickly.
2.) Have you ever written anything that brought any backlash?

Backlash is part of the game. And ‘GAME’ what blogging sometimes is. Yes, I wrote a piece on Sean Avery not being good for the league. The comments ran the gamut, as I expected, but the number of reads it generated really surprised me. I am not one who likes to write things that will incite people. You want to make them ‘think’ about something, but not get so angry that they want to crawl into their computer screen and break your nose. I actually was in more trouble with a Tweet from my couch than for anything I actually published. I sent out an angry Tweet expressing my displeasure towards a certain NHLer. That earned me a few minutes with then PR Director Seth Sylvan explaining other rules that are not printed on the back of my press pass. Seems they carry over to my living room.
3.) If you were given the “keys to the kingdom” of the Islanders and could make one change to the team/organization, what would it be?

Would you like my silly answer, or a thoughtful one? My silly answer would be I’d bring back Jason Blake and all team members would have to be blond with blue eyes. But of course, that’s just comedy. I’d like to see the organization make a bigger investment in staff and one high-caliber defenseman.
 4.) How did you get involved with the Islanders?

In 2002 (I think! It’s been so long!) I won an NHL essay contest and was named the NY Islanders 7th Man (*award was won in 03-04). Of course, I had to change that to ‘7th Woman,’ which was the easy part. The hard part was collecting on the winnings (*due to the 04-05 lock-out). But that difficulty turned into an opportunity to connect with high level executives of the Islanders, the NHL and many other fans. I became a rabid member of an Islanders’ Message Board. From there, a friend created a web journal for me on where I could write of my exploits without clogging up the message board. As a season ticket holder, and member of the booster club, I had become very familiar with Isles management. Okay, so maybe I was a great, big nudge, but I was well known enough that I was actually ASKED to be one of the founding members of the Blog Box by then PR Director Chris Botta. I’m not exactly sure if they were just trying to use it to shut me up. It obviously didn’t work.
5.) Best thing about being in the Coliseum for an Islanders game?

Best thing about the Coliseum for an Islanders game has to be the sight lines. Sure the building is old and by the end of the night filthy as hell, but no matter where you sit, it’s a great view. Add to that the smell of warm Cinna-nuts coming from the concourse and the cool air coming off the ice and it’s just heaven. (Editors Note – she enjoys a nice beverage as well.)

Dee Karl and Islanders GM Garth Snow at a Booster Club meeting in 2010.

6.) Who is the one person (player/management) you are most impressed with meeting through your time blogging/covering the New York Islanders?

There really isn’t only ONE person I have been impressed with over the years as a blogger. I’ve had so many wonderful experiences doing this. When they tell you that hockey people are some of the best human beings there are, they are right. I was the first blogger to interview Gary Bettman in his NY office. That impressed the heck out of me, especially when he invited me into the XM radio studio during his Thursday night radio show. I was impressed when I watched Bryan Trottier introduce himself to Sidney Crosby in order for him to obtain an autograph for a very young fan. I was impressed when former Islanders Eric Cairns gave me a 15 minute education on prospects for 2008. I’m impressed watching General Manager Garth Snow appear at Booster Club meetings and embrace the fans one on one. There are just too many to mention.
7.) You are on the roster for one night, what position are you playing?

HA, the only position I could ever play on the Islanders roster would be assistant trainer! I’d be the one with the towel wiping the condensation off shields and giving motherly encouragement before they head back onto the ice. I’ll say one thing – I’d never be a goalie!
You can get your fix of all things Dee at and on twitter @7thWoman.   Check back for more segments of “Seven with Staley”.

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