NHL’s Newest Proposal . . . Optimistic?

Gary Bettman and the NHL owners brought an offer to the table in Toronto today that, as Yahoo! Sports reports, proposes the following:

  • 50-50 split of hockey related revenue.
  • A full 82 game season that would begin on November 2 and possibly extend a little longer throughout June.
  • One week training camp.
  • 6 year labor agreement
What is not clear is whether or not salary rollbacks are involved, as well as the other smaller details (salary amnesty, rule changes etc.)
Following is a quote from Bettman . . .
”We’re focused on getting the puck dropped on Nov. 2 and playing a full 82-game regular season and full playoffs,” Bettman said. ”That’s what this offer is all about.”
Is this enough to get agreement from the NHLPA; or at least a reasonable counteroffer?  Is this a ‘real’ offer or does something lurk underneath?  I guess we’ll see soon enough.  Your move Don Fehr.


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