Grabs wins in his debut in Austria

The home town boys scores for his new team’s opener.

The following is a translation from the VSV webiste.  This is Michael Grabner’s hometown team in Villach, Austria.  Tonight, he played his first game – and as usual – did some exemplary things.

7th Consecutive victory for Villach! Michi Grabner hits in debut for VSV!


Goosebumps mood before the game in the Villach city hall!Villacher NHL export Michael Grabner his comeback for his hometown club feierteauf reason the lockout in the NHL – and the number 40 was received by the fans due! The atmosphere inspired the eagle and in the first 10 minutes, the Blue-Whites warn clear tone. The guests from Dornbirn could only sporadically scourge from the third, only the strong operating Hannes Enzenhofer could prevent a goal. After the initial offensive of the Vorarlberg Draustädter came more into the game, but chances were scarce. After a balanced phase Domestic increased in the last minutes of the first period the pace again and rewarded the supporters in the Stadhalle with 2 beautiful goals. After a fantastic combination on Justin Taylorand Derek Damon came Andreas Wiedergut detached to the defender and shot the eagle effortlessly scored his first goal of the season. A short time later it was in the town hall then really loud. Outnumbered served Derek Ryan returnees Michael Grabner and “grabs” all flew away and scored after a breakaway, the highly acclaimed 2-0 for Villach.

In the second section, the tempo dropped in the Villach city hall. The result was a balanced game in which both teams came to opportunities. Villach on page Michael Grabner appeared again outnumbered on Enzenhofer alone before, this time the Dornbirn Keeper remained victorious.Hughes, Bacher and Damon also failed on dazzling launched Enzenhofer. On the opposite side forgave Dale Mitchell and Dornbirn scorer Aquino great opportunities on the first goal. In the 39thMinute it was then complete and the Bulldogs were able to celebrate the first goal in the club’s history against EC VSV. After a pass from Mitchell Bois was unchallenged for the shot and the captain of the guests scored with a placed shot the goal for 1-2.

In the final section, it went back and forth. In the 42nd Minutes managed to guests from Dorbirn the balance to 2-2. Hecimovic served Aquino and de scorer Lamoureux beat from close range.The eagle could thus not bring calm and struck back 27 seconds later. John Hughes servedGerhard Unterluggauer and the captain beat Enzenhofer with a full shot from the blue line. The joy did not last long, but again, for only 3 minutes later, the guests cheered on the renewed balance. Outnumbered about Henry played the entire defense of the EC VSV, dubbed still Lamoureux and brought the disc then skillfully under the Gate of Villach. Subsequently developed a real nerve Crime. The Eagles pushed for a winner, Enzenhofer brought the attackers but the Domestic series way to despair. In the 58th Minute was then also the native of Klagenfurt powerless. Michael Grabner served Benjamin Petrik and “Benji” beat Enzenhofer placed with a backhand shot. Benjamin Petrik advanced to the battle of brothers with Niki Petrik match winner for the Villach eagle, the 7th to the Celebrated victory in a row.

Way to go Grabs!  Good luck and DONT GET HURT!!! 

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  1. Hey! If you want to get (somewhat) adequate translations of the game recaps I could do that for you and post it here – but please don’t translate via google…it hurts me as an austrian native 😉

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