Well – The Sign is out….

The picture says it all

For the fourth time since 1992, the NHL is not in order.  Both sides have now concurred that there will not be a training camp next week.  Despite the protests to the Quebec and Alberta labor boards, they can not stop this lockout train from leaving the station. So, in honor of that, I have put out the sign that just about says it all. However, Isles talk will continue to write pieces to keep the faithful into hockey whilst we wait for both sides to get their acts together and get an agreement in order. I have the other four writers submit pieces for a team preview.  I will add my piece and have it ready, once we know when a season will begin. I am going to look at various things around the hockey world, and look at them from an Islander perspective.  Tomorrow, I will be writing a piece on a player that was an Islander for a short time, that is now experiencing the game from an interesting place. We are missing out on hockey, but we will try to talk about hockey whenever possible. Keep the faith, and let’s hope we are talking about Islanders hockey real soon.

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