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As we all remember, it was a beautifull sunny day like this one.  A day that started out being an average Tuesday in my office.  Just something you characterize as a typical day.

Then a phone call.

A little after 9, the phone rang in my office.  When I looked at the screen to see the number, I noticed the international code 01144.  Great Britain.  I realized it was my friends Peter and Karen.  I had an occasional call from them in the office, but nothing during the afternoon over there (it was 2:00 PM).  Karen was on the other end of the phone, and she had a curious tone to her voice.  She asked if I was all right.  Frankly, I was confused.  Usually, when I am at my desk, I put on an Internet radio station; but today, I did not do that for whatever reason.  So I asked her why she asked me that.

“A plane just hit the World Trade Center!”, she replied.

I sat there in silence for a few seconds; and then I checked my web browser.


She was not kidding.

I told her that everything was all right where I was (I worked across the highway from LaGuardia Airport at the time); and then after, I hung up the phone.

Life forever changed after that day.

As we all remember the losses that we Americans suffer that day, may we pause and reflect about the things we are thankful for.  I was an extreme fortunate one.  I did not have anyone that perished that day that I was close to.  For that – I am a lucky man.  But I know so many had losses too horrific to fathom.  Please take a little time today to think about these folks today.  Especially those who families were connected to the 343 dear souls that wore the FDNY logo with pride.

Today, hockey is such an afterthought.  With four days left until the potential lockout happens, I could care less.  It is important to remember this day, and what it means to all Americans.

God Bless You, and God Bless the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

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  1. Although i am not American i remember that day like it was yesterday. i really felt for all the people out there, in fact i cried my eyes out for hours and couldn’t take my eyes away from the tv. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing, it was heartbreaking. god bless to all out there who lost family and friends and to all the firemen’s relations, they did a wonderful job and paid with their own lives, god bless you all

  2. I was working for Renassance cruises on Sept 11th I remember going to my cabin and switich the tv on just after the first plane had hit. We were along side in Antwerp at the time and had a ship full of passengers from the USA.

    I watched CNN as the second Plane hit and then had to go back to work. I was an Assistant Food and Beverage Manager at the time and was up on deck looking after the food service from the buffet I mentioned to a group of passengers what had happened. They said they had not heard and asked where the nerest TV was I took the group into the bar and turned the big screen tv on. One of the Female members droped to her knees and let out a screeem that will live with me for the rest of my life. Her husband scrambled on his mobile phone trying to call sombody and just kept saying theres no answer, Theres no answer, One of the other members of the party expleined to me that Thier Daughter worked on the upper floors of one of the towers. I sat with the group for a while fetched them drinks and made sure they were looked after the bar started to fill up with other American passengers , I never found out if Thier Daughter was ok or not, This was just the start of a very long month, As all US airspace was closed we could not fly passengers home the day after or the new passengers in to board the ship.
    We sailed to Barsalona with no passengers and arrived outside Barcalona a few days later to be told that the past few days events had tipped the company over the edge and as there was no money we could not dock, Eventually after 15 days at sea we were alloud to dock in Gibralter and then eventually was alloud to fly home a further 15 days after that not knowing what would happen as I had no job. I was eventually given a placment with celebrity Cruises a month later sailing from NY to Beramuda on MV Horizon It was a very sureal experience sailing in past the statue of Liberty and looking towards Manhatten and not seeing those Towers, y1ou could still see the remains of some of the Trade centers other buildings. Security was still Tight and Crew wernt even allowed off the ship the first time we docked.

    Hopefully We going to New York at Easter next year to visit one of the Kids who has a placment there It will be interesting to see what has Risen from the ashes in the last 11 years since i was last there and interesting to take a photo from Liberty with the new Trade center in the gap in the sky line left by the old one. And see some Hockey of course.

    Sorry to waffel on

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