Nothing new in Islander Country on Day 3

Day 3 – and no news is going on in Islander land.

However, with many other teams, there is a lot of information going around to season ticket holders.  To find out more about these teams, click on this link here.

All sides are definitely losing out when it comes to this lockout.  Even NBC, who signed a big deal with the NHL is going to lose a major piece of its Sports Network schedule to this action.  What will they do?  Click here to find out what they may do?

As for players, many Russian players are heading back to the homeland to compete in the KHL.  Supposedly, former KHL goaltender Evgeni Nabokov is in negotiations to get a job over ‘there’.  Also, newest Islander Lubomir Visnovsky has already signed on with HC Slovan Bratislava a Slovakian team in the KHL. He will be in action this weekend against Avangard.

Joe Thornton and Rick Nash should be playing with Davos in the Swiss league starting at the end of the week.  Islanders captain Mark Streit will be playing in his home town of Bern.

Many impact players are already leaving the North American shores for Europe.  Destinations like Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland and Germany are hot spots, especially for the top leagues in those countries.  But as the lockout lingers you may see places such as Denmark (Hello Frans Nielsen), Norway and even the United Kingdom will secure players for their league.  If it is for a few weeks or the whole season (God forbid…), these moves will allow the players to get some work in, as well as make some money in the process.

I am just not thrilled with this.  I was really looking forward to this season.  In my heart of hearts, I really felt that this Islander team was going to shake some heads.  I really felt that the acquisitions, although not the most ‘sexy’ picks, would make a large impact to the success of the team.  Well – it is Sound Tiger hockey for me.

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