Morning Shootaround: Lockout Day 2

As we find ourselves in the infancy of the 2012 lockout process, a movie scene comes to mind (as they so often do) from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back  (no surprise there either).

Early on in the movie, Han Solo (to Princess Leia) as he is about to go on the lam once again:  Don’t get all mushy on me . . . so long Princess.  

It pretty much somes up my sentiments regarding the situation of the current NHL lockout because we all saw this coming, and you’re fooling yourself if you didn’t.  But still aren’t we surprised, just a little?  You see, Han Solo knew well in advance of him leaving that he had to leave the rebel base on the ice planet of Hoth.  He was, after all, a wanted man.  The damned of it is, Leia also knew he had to leave.

The whole Star Wars reference works again on another, slightly more macro level.  The almost love / hate, ‘off and on’ relationship that existed between the two throughout the Star Wars franchise, in essence, sums up the mercurial relations of the ‘Bettman Era’ NHL and the players.  I know I’m simplifying things here through a pop culture lens but . . . it’s fun, and after all, it’s Monday morning.  Let’s not do too much heavy lifting here.

Here are some random notes and miscellany for ya.  Oh, and warm wishes of  ‘Shana Tova’ to our Jewish friends!

  •  The Islanders have announced that RFA fan fave Matt Martin has signed a 4-year extension.  Katie Strang of ESPN stated on Twitter that the deal is worth an estimated $1 million per.  Perfect.  He wants to be here.  Fans want him here.  Done.  Maybe we will see some increased offensive output in the coming seasons.
  • Randi Marshall and Robert Brodsky over at Newsday have offered up some insight as to the financial impact that a season-long lockout could have on the local market for New York Islanders.  So many folks would be affected.  Enhancing the impact is the fact that we are already in sloppy economic predicament.  Jobs will be lost.  Q: Should this lockout be considered a legitimate litmus test for what could be if the Islanders leave Nassau?  You betcha.  But don’t expect it to provide any impetus for a deal to get done any sooner.   
  • The Isles front offices haven’t released any info, but the Blackhawks  have been keeping their fans in the know about what a lockout means for season ticket holders.   If your an Isles season ticket holderI wouldn’t look too much into the logistics of what it means for you.  I was told by a season ticket rep that at the least, refunds will be issued for any and all games lost.  
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