Lockout Day 1 – What to do now….

Well – I saw this tweet from Michael Grabner today, and I think the fans have the same feelings as well…

Just waiting on the lockout to start..it’s kinda like waiting for Christmas but not as cheerful and without presents #nolockout #ThePlayers

The ‘fun’ has begun.

The numbers just do not matter to me.  Both sides make so much on this.  However, I think that in this case, management is just cutting too much away.  Despite what ‘damage control’, that you are hearing, the talk from the NHL Commissioner is such legal mumbo jumbo to me.  I really think that this lockout is going to take the fans that were ‘on the fringe’ and move them away from hockey altogether.

The hard core will remain, and will not waiver.  They will do what needs to be done in order to keep their hockey fix.  In my case, I will do the Bridgeport deal.  And for those who know me, support of my team across the pond, the Sheffield Steelers.  They helped me in 2005 when we lost that entire season.  It will help me again.  Give them a check – they have a former Islander, Drew Fata.

I know that many are boycotting NHL products, and anything hockey related.  For the Islanders, their annual golf outing is on Thursday, and unfortunately, the players will not be able to attend, so the Children’s foundation is suffering because of it.

So now – the game is wait and wait, then wait some more.  Find a hobby, find something else to do, and hope that the billionaires and millionaires will get together and GET IT DONE!


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